Thursday, 22 May 2014

Visual Communication : Happiness project reflection

After a long battle, our exhibition booth for happiness project was done on Monday! 
Congratulation to all my group members! We done a very good job! 

 Exhibition of Happiness project for Georgetown was held in Studio Grafik, School of Art, USM.

 This is our documentation.

 26 bookmarks have printed, and just left one bookmark only. 

Blog capture.


Time flies, here is the end of this class. 
Even it is full of stress during this few weeks, but I've learned a lot of things.

Failure in finding right design solution
In the beginning of our idea, we just combine all the actual picture that already have.
But this idea was rejected by Dr. Nurul. 
Dr. Nurul told us this kind of poster can be done by everyone that know photoshop etc. 
As a designer, must do something different.
Because the actual picture is already known by people, so they won't interest in this kind of poster.
So we changed our idea to icons. 

Management of the team
After we traced icons to Adobe Illustrator, we have to choose colors for these icon. 
Everyone must give one or two ideas. We learned to share out our ideas in a team. 
Ai Mei was poor in software skills, but she tried to work hard to make it perfect. 
But we think that Ai Mei more strength in writing. So, documentation part was wrote by Ai Mei.

Turning point of the project
This is our very first icon.
We tried to critic each other after the outcome was made.
This is because critic will make the outcome more better.
If we just satisfied what we have done without critic. We will not able to improve ourself.

Icons from square shape to round shape, we think that round shape can make others feel that more comfortable.
After that, we also change the opacity of the blue color, to make it become not too heavy.

We printed at A4 paper and cut it out, after that we test around USM bus stop that similar with George Town bus stop.
When we do testing in USM bus stop, others walk around us, and feel so interested to look at our icons.

Memorable moment & fun about this project
I think the memorable moment for me in this happiness project was when we doing research in Georgetown.
This was a chance for me to walk around Georgetown.

Of course, we have a sweet moment when we working together in TV room, Bakti.
Ai Mei will prepared some dessert for us.

This project makes me knew more about Georgetown,  after I've search the history and do research in Georgetown.

I think Just stop can give a fresh impressive to others. Besides, can make the bus stop more attractive. This is the way to spread the happiness to others. 

Friday, 16 May 2014

Preparing for Exhibition

This is our preparation for exhibition. We decided to use white color balloon as a decoration item.

Sunday, 27 April 2014


 We decided to use icon to decorate bus stop. 
Ging Guey suggest to use the color of penang flag that is blue, yellow, and white color.

After we compare these color match ( blue-yellow), (blue-white), (yellow-blue), we think that blue-white is more attractive and harmony. 

Besides, me and Carmen think that square is not suitable for these icons. So, we tried to change the shape to circle.